Saturday, 9 April 2016


     Today’s drug manufacturing by the  pharmaceutical industry are exposed to numerous risks and challenges evolving round consumer satisfaction, consumer education and consumer rights; this challenges no doubt emanates from the companies quest to cope with the constant industry change, competitive pressures, increased governance, and the uncertainties involved in research and development to bring new products to market.
In all these, pharmaceutical companies are faced with the daunting task of researches to produce drugs for their consumers, as well as develop its products to stay in business and convince consumers that they are the best in the market.
The process of drug manufacturing and production starts from the point of conceiving an innovation to researching and conducting clinical trials of the drugs before the products can be finalized for production.
The chunk of consumer dissatisfaction and consumer rights infringement starts from the point of research, production and distribution; it has being observed that drug market place gets its root from research, but research anchored on consumer satisfaction helps to correct unplanned violations in the chain of production and distribution.
Liabilities of drug defects and drugs that causes damage to human health rather than improve is premised on the fact that content are not measured for consumer satisfaction, but rather centered on profits making.

Drug manufacturing in Nigeria will have more value in the international markets if research, clinical trials and manufacturing is developed  not only on the foundation of science and formulas, but should as well extend to the scientist asking questions and researching on the strategies and platform to ensure that consumers gets its best satisfaction if a drug or pharmaceutical product is released into the market. 


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